CJ Security Services Inc. is a licensed and approved New York State security guard training school (#432165). Get your NY State security training here!

Security Training

We currently offer the 3 main security guard courses that all security guards in the State of New York are required to take. Our main office for training is located at 143 Main Street, Nanuet, NY 10954. We also can travel to your location in order to provide this training (minimum student number required). We can service Rockland County, Westchester County, Orange County, as well as all the other surrounding counties of New York State. Our goal is to provide quality, interesting and approved training for all current and future security guards in and around the Rockland, Westchester, Orange and surrounding counties.


Security Guard Training Courses

Courses Offered

8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course For Security Guards

The 8-hour pre-assignment training certificate is the minimum requirement to work in security in New York State. This training class is developed in accordance with the NYS Security Guard Act and presents an overview of a security guard's duties and responsibilities under the law. The certificate of completion is earned by passing the exam at the end of the class. 

This 8-hour training certificate must be kept as permanent record of your completion of the course. Under the law, you must produce the original 8-hour training certificate upon the request of an employer. This pre-assignment training class is completed only once during your career. The class fee is $60. Application for the NYS security guard license must be a made with a copy of the certificate. Please contact us to find out when the next scheduled class will be taking place. 


16-Hour OTJ Course For Security Guards

Within the first 90 days of working as a security guard, state law requires completion of the 16-hour O.J.T. (On The Job) training classes. The O.J.T. consists of two additional 8-hour classroom days. The course material is labeled "part a" and "part b". This material does not overlap so that you can take these classes in any sequence but the second section of the data is heavily weighted with "terrorism" related topics as it pertains to security.

The O.J.T. objectives expand upon topics relating to basic functions and responsibilities with all subjects being consistent with the security guard's specific duties, the nature of the workplace and employer requirements. An exam is given after the second class and a certificate of completion will be awarded. The O.J.T training is completed once with each new employer and must be taken within 90 days of employment with any security agency. The 16-hour O.J.T class fee is $120. Please contact us for future class dates. 


8-Hour Annual Training Course for Security Guards

One-year after the date of the 16-hour O.J.T. certificate, an 8-hour annual in-service class is required. Annual-In service training is required by law every year to keep certification current. The topics covered are similar to the topics in the pre-assignment course and the training is designed to re-freshen the security officer with these important elements. The class fee is $60 and a certificate of completion will be awarded. Please contact us for future class dates.

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