Polygraph Examinations


C.J. has certified polygraph examiners on staff. These professionals are capable of conducting polygraph examinations all over the world if necessary. This ability and specialty can be incorporated into many areas within the investigative and security process.

Corporate Theft Examinations

This can be a valuable tool that can be applied during the investigative process concerning lost goods and services. We have been very successful in recovering lost items within a company's organization by administering these examinations. 

Personal Issues Answered

Sometimes there is a question or concern you may have regarding a loved one or associate. We can help you get that piece of mind your looking for. 

Pre-Employment Research

It is all employers' responsibility to know whom they are hiring and to provide a level of "due diligence" during the hiring process. These examinations can be a very useful tool during the screening process of new or current employees. 

Pre-Trial Preparation

Having a key witness prepped and ready for the court process can be stressful and difficult. These tests have proven to be a key component of this process.

Many Other Applications

We at CJ can tailor these exams to meet your specific goals and line of questioning. Let us develop a program to help solve the problems you have no matter what the specific circumstances.

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