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We have the ability to handle any of your security requirements with an accomplished, trained, and experienced staff. Our security experts will help you analyze your needs and develop the best and most affordable security plan to fit within your framework.

Facility Protection

We can set up a security proposal to secure any type of facility within the United States. Through our vast network of employees and National contacts, CJ can handle your assignment and beyond.

Armed Security Transports

Whether a bank needs to move money or an art dealer needs to transport precious artifacts... we have provided armed specialists all over the Country and can devise a transport that you will feel is safe and secure.

Personal (Executive) Protection

We employ a multitude of ex-lawenforement and military officers to provide this specialized service. Our agents have guarded and secured many high profile celebrities, business people and government officials from New York to Haiti to Europe and everywhere in-between.

Asset Protection

We at CJ have guarded and secured almost every type of valuable for a multitude of individuals. No job is too small or insignificant for us to handle.

Vehicle Patrol Services

We maintain a fleet of dedicated security patrol vehicles that can be employed at your location to increase the security presence and coverage of the program. These vehicles are equipped with four-wheel drive, lettering and an emergency patrol light to increase our effect.

Security Officers (Unarmed and Armed)

We can supply uniformed and plainclothes security officers at almost any location. We employ trained and experienced personnel to accommodate our client's wishes and specific requirements.

Private (Religious) Organization Security

We also specialize in providing security services to the religious community throughout the United States. We have provided varied services to temples, churches, and other religious buildings on both a full-time and piecework basis.

Vulnerability Analysis

We can provide your organization with a formal analysis of your current security levels and a detailed report of recommendations to improve those levels. We have many retired law-enforcement officers who specialize in target hardening of specific soft-target locations.

Video Surveillance

As part of our security process, we can employ and manage the installation of your exposed and covert video systems. We can help devise your coverage levels, equipment and focus to build a system that will work within your financial framework.

Overall Security Consultation

We can consult with you about any concern regarding the security levels of your location or processes. Our experts will formulate a report and plan regarding improvement of your overall security identity.

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