C.J. Investigators & Security Services, Inc.

C.J. Has the ability to conduct many different types of computer generated searches and investigations. Our access to a vast networkof databases is a powerful tool that can provide useful information to your firm or company.

Individual Searches
• Personal Profiles and Reports (Nationwide and In-Depth)
• Social Security Number Traces (Fraud Detection)
• Address Reports/Witness Location
• Telephone Searches (Published and Non-Published)
• Asset Searches
• Public Filings
• Real Estate Records
• Civil Records Searches
• Personal Locators

Computer/DMV Searches
• Criminal Conviction Histories
• National Warrant Searches
• Civil Record Searches
• Federal Records
• Motor Vehicle Searches (Plate, VIN, etc.)
• Driving Records
• Vehicle Locators

Pre-Employment Searches (Packages Available)
• Credit Reports
• Driving Records
• Criminal Conviction Histories
• Worker Compensation Records
• Employment Verifications
• Education Verifications
• Professional License Verifications

Business Searches
• Business Reports (In-Depth)
• Business Public Filings
• Business Credit Checks
• Corporate Records
• Financial Data (SEC)
• Company Profiles (Principles Search)
• Business Summary

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